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Jenna Talackova

Jenna Talackova, the 23-year-old transsexual contestant who was set to compete in the Miss Universe Canada beauty pageant this May, has been disqualified. “She did not meet the requirements to compete despite having stated otherwise on her entry form,” the organization says in a press release. “We do, however, respect her goals, determination and wish her the best.”

source: pop2it

I’ll admit it, when I think of transsexuals, the first thing that comes to mind is people like Chaz Bono, people who were somewhere inbetween the two sexes to begin with and probably won’t be attractive whether they’re left as they were born or if they go for the sex change.

I also have this theory that the more homophobic a person is, the more gay they really are and that the biggest homophobes are the ones struggling the hardest to repress their homosexual desires, so I take pride in never worrying about saying something that “sounds gay.” That being said, this is disturbing to me. You think of people that you’d consider hooking up with and you think, “Oh yeah, I could totally tell if it was a shemale or a man who got a sex change.”

Look again at the photo and realize that while Jenna’s hormone therapy started at 14, this is a person who had a penis dangling between “her” legs until the age of 19 and just a couple years after that penis was sliced and diced, she could walk into a bar on any given night and probably have a steady stream of guys hitting on her.

Now imagine this, if Jenna’s not into full disclosure and has had a one night stand or two, for the one guy in the bar who might taken her home, imagine after taking her home and bragging to his friends about this hottie he’d banged, maybe one of his friends googles this Jenna Talackova girl and the truth gets out. “Dude, you went home with a dude!” From what he may have considered one of his greatest conquests, it would probably end up something his friends would never let him live down.

As I look at this photo of “Jenna” a final time, this “chick” is so hot, whether meeting her in a bar or at a grocery store, I don’t think there’s any way you could imagine anything other than pure, sexy woman. It’s scary. I’m trying to sort this out and all I can come up with is two possible conclusions: either science is so good it’s wrong, or maybe some people really are born with the wrong sex. I don’t know which it is, but I’m wondering if it makes me gay, the fact that I got turned on by Jenna’s sexy picture.

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11 Responses to Transsexual Contestant Jenna Talackova, Disqualified from Miss Universe Canada

  • Oh… you’re like… so gay Mike.. TO THE LOG CABIN WITH YOU!!!

    • I always wished I was gay so I could be a Log Cabin Republican. I love being the outsider, the minority, all my favorite Republicans are gay!

  • I can’t even comment on that lol at a loss for words

  • I’m seeing bright lights and can hear my synapses crackling.

    Where’s Danny Bon-a-ducci when you need him?

  • OMG! Too funny, Mike! I retweeted without looking at what it was. Hahaha! I think you’re right though… “science is so good it’s wrong”.

  • Another Lady Gargoyle?

  • You need to really grow up sir. Your comments are hurtful to not only transgender people, but all people who live on the fringes of ‘social norms’, in the extreme. If you critique a story in the popular press you absolutely must endeavor to properly research the subject so that you may offer some insight that has not already been reported. Simply reporting the knee-jerk reaction that is understandable from a close-minded straight male’s point of view without any meditation on the subject whatsoever is lazy. Do you not realise that every single tabloid, lazy blogger etc in the world is right now offering the same opinions as you? Step out from the crowd. Be brave. You have failed completely at this level so far but that certainly does not mean that you can’t offer something of worth in the near future.

    Since this subject, at it’s core, concerns a specific individual’s right to be recognized as they have always felt i.e. a female in a male shell, it is even more important as this is the core of a person’s identity we are discussing. Your comments hark back to all the homophobic ideas of fixating on love between two same sex couples only concerning a twisted, narrow impulse to only consider genitalia and how the act of love would be carried out. This sir, is none of your business.

    Ms. Talackova has said she has always considered herself a woman and it is amazing that there now exists the means for her to travel an extremely long road (14 years) to physically become not only a woman but one who is stunning to men very much like yourself.

    For you to dilute all of that emotional upheaval, her vulnerability through those years and eventual victory into an ‘Am I gay ’cause I wanna fuck her’ point of view is obscene, distasteful and at the minimum a poor reflection upon your character. These are not meant as insults sir, this is simply an honest critique of your article that I hope will provoke a more mature response from you. You have an audience, use that honor (not privilege) to educate, not denigrate. Let us all use this example of a woman brave enough to actually be judged on her physical appearance in a public setting, knowing full well the consequences of her actions, as a fantastic opportunity to show that we can become the people we wish we were- open-minded, accepting, loving.

    If you are wondering, I am a straight male, from a Catholic background, now atheist, coming from an historically repressive country and I know relatively few gay people and to my knowledge no transgender people. I feel it fair to give you this information about my character as you have shown me so much of your own character in your article. I also hope that the above personal information shows that I am not biased in this issue, I simply do not tolerate lapses in ethical judgement, disrespect for any innocent human being’s character and am more than willing to vocalize that. I look forward to a more mature rebuttle article from you sir.

    • I’m a bit disappointed you would call me close-minded after I said quite sincerely what I think of homophobes and how I take pride in not being one. I’m as open-minded as I know how to be, if I have a fault, it’s in being honest that I find it scary that you could go home with a woman that convincing in her appearance, only to find out later that the person you’d slept with was born a man.
      Forgive me for my honesty.

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