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Faced with crisis, the man of character falls back on himself. He imposes his own stamp of action, takes responsibility for it, makes it his own.
- Charles De Gaulle, French General and Statesman (1890-1970)

Liam Stacey Was Sentenced to 56 Days for His Tweets

A student who admitted posting racially offensive comments on Twitter about footballer Fabrice Muamba has been jailed for 56 days.

Swansea University student Liam Stacey, 21, from Pontypridd, admitted inciting racial hatred over remarks about the Bolton Wanderers player, who collapsed during a FA Cup tie at Tottenham.

A district judge in Swansea called the comments “vile and abhorrent”.

Muamba, 23, who suffered a cardiac arrest, is still in intensive care.

source: BBC

Okay, so the guy drops an n-bomb, which is totally unacceptable in polite society (unless of course, you’re a black rapper and then you can say it 60 times in a 3 minute song and no one will bat an eye) and the guy is laughing at a player who collapsed, hoping the guy’s dead, wishing AIDS on people, suggesting people should have sex with dogs, etc., no doubt about it the tweets are vile and you’ll notice even he realizes that he’s crossed the line as he starts claiming his account got hacked in the video of his timeline below . . .

But truthfully?

I see far worse from @REALBROTHER0003 on a daily basis with his hateful rants and slurs against white people, but as far as Liam Stacey goes, that’s pretty embarrasing to see someone tweeting that kind of garbage, but how the hell is that a crime? If there were laws against saying stupid things, half our politicians would be in jail right now.

You want to qualify it as breaking the law by engaging in hate speech? How about letting this idiot make his racist rant and subjecting him to the best sort of justice of all, the ridicule of the 90% of the world who find his tweets ridiculous and completely inappropriate.

You start putting people in prison for 56 days over what they tweeted, no matter how insensitive or racist it might be, and we are well on our way into the Orwellian nightmare.

Free speech is dead. Next stop? Thoughtcrime.

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