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Take away ambitions and vanity, and where will be your heroes and patriots?" Seneca, Roman Philosopher, Dramatist, and Statesman (B.C. 3-65 A.D.)

Here are two facts that everyone who aligns themselves with the Occupy Movement should know before voting in the 2012 election.

1. While the 99-percent suffer under unprecedented economic hardship, Wall Street firms have earned more in 2.5 years under Obama than all 8 years of the Bush presidency. Think about that, more corporate earnings in Obama’s 2.5 years than Bush’s entire 8! (Over 85 billion dollars compared to 77 billion.)

2. Barack Obama has raised more corporate donations than any president in 20 years.

Barack Obama is the king of corporate cash. He had two years of Democrat control of Congress to do something and things only got worse – much, much worse. He may talk a good game, paying a lot of lip service to reigning in the excesses of Wall Street, but Barack Obama is the all-time, undisputed king of corporate cash, both in raking it in and in letting the fat cats make it.

That’s the reality of the HOPE that most of OWS voted for and nothing is going to CHANGE if we make the same choice in 2012.

Barack Obama is the undisputed king of corporate cash.

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8 Responses to Two Facts Every Occupier Should Know Before Voting

  • Excellent information – thanks for making the truth of President Obama’s real involvement clear and easy to understand


    This he told us is what he wanted to do
    I cannot believe the people don’t see
    to fundamentally transform America
    destroy the Capitalist driven economy

    The more you earn the more he wants
    for he truly believes in retribution
    create a supermajority dependent class
    simply using wealth redistribution

    Destroy the value of the American Dollar
    create slow burning civil unrest
    transformation comes slowly
    government steps in to clean up the mess

    All the Citizens must suffer
    unless you are a Government employee
    don’t vote yourself out of a job
    nor give-up your excessive salary

    Do you think you lost a lot
    when your 401K crashed
    your big surprise is coming
    the printing presses are running
    your paper money devalued to trash

    Wake up …wake up …it’s not to late
    You still have time to save the state
    Your vote is most important …it’s true
    “…of the people, by the people, for the people…”
    no Government is ever better than You

  • Just noticed there are only 408 days before 12.21.2012 –> Should I double my effort and get everything recorded (will it even survive) in the next four hundred days? -OR- Should I just say “screw it”, after all, it’s only a silly phase?

    • Definitely, those Mayans were tapped into some knowledge that is far from our grasp. I believe it and it lights a fire under my ass to get things done before everything goes up in flames. 😉 So yeah, only 408 days to go, double the effort and get it done.

  • Yeah! Let’s get Obama out of office so we can get Rick Perry in there, because he’d be much more compassionate.

    • There is no way that you can support the principles of Occupy Wall Street and at the same time support the re-election of Barack Obama. Those are two mutually exclusive beliefs.

      In 2010, The Tea Party, a brand new movement basically in it’s first year of existence, was able to send 40 Tea Party-affiliated candidates to the House and 5 Tea Party-affiliated candidates into the Senate.

      Are you telling me that OWS cannot get one third party candidate onto the presidential ballot to challenge the status quo?

  • The occupiers know these facts! Th are actually the 2 main reasons why they are not supporting Obama, the democrats are as much at fault here as the republicans.

    You know nothing of this movement and the fact that you insinuate that Occupy is behind Obama is a testament to your ignorance. Wake up sheeple.

    • If the occupiers had any credibility they would focus their rage on Congress and the White House.

      You direct all your rage at Wall Street and banksters and honestly don’t think 99% of the 99% wouldn’t make a killing on the markets for themselves if the opportunities weren’t there for the taking?

      It is the system which allows injustices, and the only way you change the system is by changing the politicians. The fact that OWS isn’t marching all their members on Congress and the White House proves the whole movement is a joke, a bunch of puppets dancing for the likes of George Soros and the labor unions.

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