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Fortune can take away riches, but not courage.
- Seneca, Roman Philosopher, Dramatist, and Statesman (B.C. 3-65 A.D.)

Pick My Hairstyle!

Long-haired Mikey with a Smile Long Haired Mikey Goofin' Around Over the last two years, it felt so damn good to grow my hair out, it felt like I was me, reclaiming myself! I even had a couple friends who said, “Yeah dude, you look like yourself again,” but my wife? She couldn’t stand it. After two years of wrestling, I finally felt like maybe I should just give her what she wants, so I gave in and gave her back the clean cut man she’s been pining for.
Mike Gets His Hair Cut and Sad Mike Gets His Hair Cut and Smiling So I hand the scissors over and I have to say, the wife gave me a pretty good haircut. One part of me is looking at 18-inch strands of hair being lopped off thinking “Oh shit, this is so depressing, I’ve been growing it out for so damn long,” but the other part is saying, “Right on, baby, I think you might have done a pretty damn good job.”
New Haircut, Serious with the Hair Slicked Back New Haircut, Slicked Back and a Little Too Serious I look a little more serious when I slick my hair back, don’t I? Not exactly sure how that works, but it seems like, slick the hair back, look a little more serious for the camera. There was a time when almost everyone used brylcreem. That was a little before my time, but I can tell you that back in the 80s, seeing Pat Riley coaching the Showtime Lakers, I said to myself, that guy is about as cool as it gets.
Mohawk around Halloween 2005 Mikey Gone Psycho with the Mohawk Haircut Halloween 2005, my neighbors thought I was a lunatic. My buddy Sid said I looked like Bert or Ernie (I forget which is which) but I think the mohawk hairstyle coordinates really well with the “I Have Issues” t-shirt.

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10 Responses to Vote and Pick My Hairstyle!

  • Where’s the Mullet choice?

    • Nice! LOL. I’ve never tried the mullet, but maybe it deserves a little Photoshop job just for comparison’s sake.

  • Well, I picked the slick back look only because the “Sargeant Slaughter” buzz cut was sadly left out of the competition. I think it would have been transformational for you 🙂 . Another option would be to wear the Hulk Hogan bandana to leave people guessing how much hair you really have left…..and why am I stuck on over-the-hill wrestling stars??? Ha ha.

    • I tried a buzz cut before, I had a big enough head to where you combined the big head with the block-shaped look of the buzz cut and kids called me Frankenstein or Frankie. Sergeant Slaughter sounds a lot cooler than Frankie, but too much past baggage to try to go with the buzz cut again. God did bless me with a big, healthy head of hair, though so the bandana look I’ll save for maybe when I’m 70 or 80 and even my good hair is falling to the wayside.

  • I especially like the slicked back look. Very cool!

    • Thanks, Vikki. I’ve always found you to be a woman with impeccable taste, so I’m going to heed your advise, the slick back look it is!

  • The slicked back is very handsome on you. I don’t always like that look on everyone but you wear it well. The clear winner in my opinion 😉

    • Well just call me Mr. Slick then! Hey friends, do you know who this is? Claudia is one of the most beautiful models on the Internet. And she gets naked, because she has nothing to hide and it’s not porn, it really is art. (Can you tell I’m just a little bit excited to have her commenting at the blog?) The consensus is there, and Claudia’s vote seals it. If you click on her name up above, she has a really cool blog, definitely worth checking out.

  • I seem to agree with everyone:) I would not know you if you walked up to the door with this haircut.. Well as long as you did not talk!! Sorta like incognito!

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