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Vote Early and Vote Often

The Obama Justice Department has struck down South Carolina’s voter ID law and is looking at the possibility of invalidating new voter ID laws in Texas and Florida as well, arguing that the requirement to show ID would be an unfair burden on some.

Lets take a look at all the other ways in which ID requirements place unfair burdens upon us, shall we?

  • You need an ID to adopt a pet.
  • You need an ID to apply for a loan.
  • You need an ID to apply for food stamps.
  • You need an ID to apply for public housing.
  • You need an ID to apply for welfare.
  • You need an ID to be admitted to a hospital.
  • You need an ID to buy alcohol.
  • You need an ID to buy cigarettes.
  • You need an ID to buy drain cleaner.
  • You need an ID to cash a check.
  • You need an ID to close on a house.
  • You need an ID to drive.
  • You need an ID to get a hotel room.
  • You need an ID to get a marriage license.
  • You need an ID to get a P.O. box.
  • You need an ID to get insurance.
  • You need an ID to make any large credit card purchase.
  • You need an ID to open a bank account.
  • You need an ID to purchase a firearm.
  • You need an ID to rent an apartment.
  • You need an ID to write a check.

Have you ever heard anyone anywhere argue about the unfair burden of having to show photo ID to apply for food stamps? Food stamp recipients have risen from 32 million to 43 million since Obama took office. The ID requirement certainly hasn’t done anything to slow the rising ranks over the past three years.

Where’s the outrage over the fact that you need ID to apply for public housing? If people are willing to argue that voter ID prevents some people from voting, shouldn’t they also take up the argument that the ID requirement for public housing makes some people homeless?

All this outrage over the unfair burden of voter ID is ridiculous. I’ll only take that argument seriously when the same people also organize to remove the ID requirement for food stamps and welfare.

Next time you hear people talking about voter ID being about voter suppression, agree with them, because voter ID is about voter suppression, it’s about protecting law-abiding citizens from having their votes suppressed by fraudulent votes of dead people, illegals and ACORN activists.


Supplemental fun facts:
Georgia has free voter ID for all:
In 2008, the Supreme Court rules 6-3 in Crawford v. Marion County Election Board that an Indiana law requiring photo ID did not present an undue burden on voters:
How JFK stole the White House through chicanery in Chicago:
Malfeasance in Minnesota gets Stuart Small – er, Al Franken into the Senate:
150 forged signatures get Obama’s name on 2008 Indiana ballot:
At least 55 employees or associates of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now have been convicted of registration fraud in 11 states, says Matthew Vadum of the Capital Research Center, who’s written a book about ACORN. Of 1.3 million new registrations ACORN turned in in 2008, election officials rejected 400,000. (Hmmm… I wonder what they were planning on doing with all those fake registrations?)

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9 Responses to Voter ID Is About Voter Suppression

  • Since this man came into office, common sense left 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. A person needs to be able to prove they are who they say are. When you consider these days how many people have had their identification stolen. Not just the living, but the dead. Some people visit cemetaries to find someone who was close in age to them. Whew!

    • Whether it’s illegal immigration or voter fraud, it seems this administration and their Justice Department spend more time and effort making sure laws aren’t enforced than they do enforcing the laws of the land.

      • The “only” things they don’t ask for at the airports are urine samples, nail clippings, a lock of hair, dental x-rays, your parents’ birth certificates…

  • Good blog!

    Here in Canada voter registration is mandatory. We are sent through the mail a voter’s card saying that we have been registered ahead of time. Then we have to show driver’s licence or other proof that we are who we say we are before we can vote. This seems like good sense.

    • Seems like perfectly good sense, we should use your Canadian system as a model! Eric Holder and our Justice Department crying about voter disenfranchisement, go look at Canada, one vote per voter and you don’t hear any crying up there about disenfranchisement.

  • Good call. I guess they think that voting is less important.

  • You know damn well what this is all about. This is what Karl Rove pulled in 2000. If your name is even similiar to a felons, your told you cannot vote. This even happen to the preciect workers at that election. Its only the Republican Party that wants to suppress the vote. Students are told their School ID’s are not good enough, and it’s Jim Crow laws all over again.

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