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“Nationalism” – it has become such a dirty word in the present day vocabulary. It’s no longer cool to take pride in your country, people have been trained to think of nationalism as the equivalent the rise of the left-wing socialist totalitarian state in Germany in the 1930s or the brainwashed hordes living bleak, grey lives under Soviet totalitrianism, but if we were to slam a big shot of heroin and sing to ourselves some John Lennon lyrics and “imagine there’s no countries”, the potential reality of a world with all borders and all the countries erased is a far, far scarier prospect than anything the Nazis tried to perpetrate on this world.

The antithesis of world full of 187 governments working in their own self-interests, the specter of a one-world government headed by an all-powerful world governing body, a world were all sovereignty is given away for some sort of United Nations world government where central bureaucrats control the lives of every living human being on the face of the earth, that is the greatest possible evil you can ever imagine.

In my book, nationalism is a wonderful sense of pride you carry for your own people, a pride that transcends race, culture, ethnicity or creed, a pride that simply means we feel blessed to have been born into this nation or to have made the choice to immigrate to this nation and call this nation our own.

I had the following discussion with a humanist friend on Facebook. My friend believes American exceptionalism and American pride in doing something great in the name of the nation should be abandoned for an amorphous sense of pride in human collectivism. The conversation centered on Obama’s de-funding of NASA and the abandonment of new ambitions for NASA’s furthering our exploration into space:

J.G. Are you pro space exploration?

Mike Cornelison Yeah, and was very sad to see out of 3/4 trillion in “stimulus” spending, this administration couldn’t spare a dime for NASA.

J.G. I love nasa, but there is a time to spend and a time to save. You would have critisized him for spending money on nasa if he had!

Mike Cornelison Not true. I was sitting there thinking these exact thoughts, “All this money to throw around on pork spending projects and not a dime for NASA.” You know the term, Bucket List, the stuff you vow to do before you kick the bucket, well I have one thing on there I have absolutely no control over, but I want to see man walk on Mars before I die. That’s become more and more remote now thanks to Obama’s priorities. And you know why I think he had money for everything under the sun, but not NASA? Because NASA gives us something that WE can be proud of as AMERICANS. He would rather share those accomplishments with the global community. We’re shutting down the Space Shuttle, have no plans for any American achievements and now if we want to get out into space, we have to hitch a ride with the Euros or the Commies.


J.G. Its Obama’s fault that “you think” man wont walk on mars before you die……now ive heard everything. I dont even know what to say to that. I would imagine that if it was that big of a deal to you, that the fact that a human bieng did infact set foot on the red planet, we as HUMANS would celebrate as one. Not because it was an american…unless ofcourse its just never going to be as impressive otherwise.

Mike Cornelison I would wish it would be an American, hell yes, just the same as you take special pride in seeing your own family do great things, yes, I would much rather it be an American.

I love humanity just the same as anyone else, but I will take pride first in my family and in a very close second, I will take pride in the accomplishments of my nation, which I do believe is the greatest country ever to grace God’s green Earth. It would have been very nice to see a multi-national mission land on the moon, but coming up on 50 years later, the fact that the only people who have ever stepped on the surface of the moon are Americans, that’s one-hundred times as spectacular of an achievement as a multinational mission in my book. Greatest human achievement ever, brought to you by the greatest nation in the history of the world – the United States of America.

And to be an American and to think of our friends the Brits, to see our greatest friends disrespected by Obama’s return of the bust of Churchill, that was one of the great disgraces of this current president and his entire presidency, because our two nations stand shoulder to shoulder and there is no nation on Earth who we hold a closer kinship with.

I saw this video from Anton Lorien and I felt swelled with pride, that we could be so blessed as to share the world with a country as noble and great as Great Britain.

What a great video. Don’t ever let the globalists lie to you, national pride is a beautiful and awesome thing. Nationalism keeps at bay the threat of a one world totalitarian state. Take pride in your nation and your nation’s sovereignty wherever you are!

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8 Responses to We Are the Brits

  • Are the globalists and the illuminati the same people? I put the “globalists” on par with the “9-11 was an inside job” conspiracy theorists.

    I believe in national pride and I believe, as you do as well, that this transcends the often idiotic and foolishly ritualistic boundaries we set between ourselves.

    What I don’t believe is that nationalism is to transcends rationality. There is no evidence that the president wants to surrender US sovereignty to the United Nations. If NASA is your example, I leave you with a simple question: what has NASA done in space, that can’t be accomplished from Earth with 40+ years since the moon landing? Seems odd doesn’t it, that we at least haven’t even sent a man back?

    In my book, part of being nationalist is embracing opportunities to lead the world – this does not always entail beating the world. I am a competitor to my core, but my pride in my nation stems from what we won today, not from what we could possibly win tomorrow.

    • The USA sent men to the moon using computing power on the level of your basic calculator, the risk factor those days were off the charts, we are now 40 years technologically advanced since 1969 and 1972, but a combination of not having the balls to risk the lives of astronauts and a combination of “been there done that” has pretty much put the who moon mission into moth balls as far as the US is concerned. As far as the other nations of the world, I can’t imagine a single country that wouldn’t want to put their own flag on the moon, second country to get their or not, simply because they could claim equal status that they had made it there, too.

      When you look up at that lonely, solitary moon, how can you not think about the American flag standing still in the windless atmosphere of the moon, how can you not think of the footprints which stand still, no breeze to disturb the footprints of the American astronauts who made the quarter-million mile journey out to our celestial partner, the moon.

      It is the greatest achievement in human history, and god bless John F. Kennedy for it was his determination and his alone that put us there “in this decade” and we did it, by the seat of our pants, against all odds, we pulled that off, where most the naysayers would have said, “far too risky, way too many unknown variables and chance for disaster.” We did it.

      I’m no Illuminati, I don’t buy that shit about some shape-shifting reptilian creatures controlling the planet from some meetings in Bilderberg, Alex Jones has some legitimate fears about a New World Order, but a lot of it is LSD hallucinations of aliens running the show, pulling invisible strings.

      I worry much more about real live humans calling for a New World Order, a planet where all nations give up their sovereignty to a central ruling authority. I hope and pray every nation holds on to it’s sovereignty even over in the disaster that is the Euro zone, break that central authority that rules in Brussels and say to hell with you and your plans for centralized control. Our autonomy, our freedom as independent nations, this is the greatest thing humanity has to combat the vision some people have as the one-world totalitarian government where all humanity is ruled under a central authority. That is the evil George Orwell prophesized when he spoke of the future as a boot smashing on a human face, over and over.

    • love it mike :>) why did we not join the euro????????????? for every reason u stated above. nothing wrong with bein proud of what you are an where u r from coz where u r from makes you what u r :>))))

      • Hell yeah, so many people want to demonize nationalism, but it’s good, it’s healthy to be proud of your heritage. Oh and by the way, you Brits are looking pretty smart right now not giving up the Pound for the Euro.

  • an when it comes to space, nasa was so far ahead, i believe every space program in the world should b collaborating to further these explorations with gratitude, it shouldnt just be on the usa’s shoulders, obama sez there is other priorities then so b it. time the rest of the world took up the slack for something that will benefit the whole planet

    • I agree and I think it’s kind of cool that we have space stations orbiting the Earth that are joint ventures between many nations, but all the stuff we’re doing in LEO is old hat.

      You probably have your English football teams you root for, I myself am rooting for the USA to have the first man to step foot on Mars. That’s my dream. If it’s a ESA / NASA venture, that would be pretty cool too, but I will cringe in horror if it’s some cosmonaut planting a commie flag on Mars.

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