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Character - a reserved force which acts directly by presence, and without means.
- Emerson, American Poet and Essayist (1803-1882)

Joe Biden - Cymbal-Crashing Debate Monkey

Joe Biden’s performance at the vice presidential debate Thursday was hands down the rudest, most undignified act we’ve seen since the advent of the nationally televised debate. It made Al Gore’s incessant sighing in 2000 seem quaint by comparison.

Perhaps Joe Biden’s buffoonery was a matter of overcompensation, a direct result of just how bad Obama’s presidential debate performance was. Just how bad was Obama’s debate performance?

So bad that it caused some of Obama’s staunchest allies like Jon Stewart and commentators at liberal websites like The Daily Beast, The Atlantic, and The Guardian, to question whether Obama even wanted to win reelection.

Obama’s debate performance was so uninspired that it caused Nathaniel Frank at HuffPo to laughably (and yet in all seriousness) ask his readers if it even mattered whether Obama wants another four years!

So I’m sure Obama’s dispirited followers felt re-energized by Biden’s ridiculous and totally over-the-top performance in the vice presidential debate, but outside Obama Zombieland, that visual right there pretty much sums up what Biden’s debate performance looked like to the rest of us.

All props go to Serr8d for the spot-on visualization of Joe Biden, The Cymbal-Crashing Debate Monkey.

And of course, I’d be remiss not to thank Joe Biden himself for that unforgettable performance. Who will ever forget all the grinning and the eye rolling and the arm-flailing histrionics performed by Smirkin’ Joe that night?

Can we all give Joe a hand?

Joe Biden - Cymbal-Crashing Monkey

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