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If we did but know how little some enjoy of the great things that they possess, there would not be much to envy in the world.
- Young, English Poet and Dramatist (1683-1765)

The day after Barack Obama won the election, I remember going to a grocery store and I saw a black women there, and she was holding her head way up high, she held her head high as a Nubian princess in a procession carried by slaves, and it allowed me to step outside of my experience as the white man who voted for McCain and grasp what a proud and uplifting moment the election of a black president must have been for the black people of America, and I felt happy for her. And she wasn’t the only black person who looked uplifted and filled with pride on that day and even though my candidate lost, I was feeling good seeing the pride that was so obvious in my fellow Americans of dark colored skin.

That whole 2008 campaign, I rarely, rarely ever though about Obama’s skin color, so little did I think Obama’s being black that it shocked me to feel tears welling up in my eyes during the inauguration as I said to myself, oh my God, we just elected our first black president! It was really a thought that hadn’t occurred to me in all the months leading up – what a great moment this is! I was overcome with emotion, what a proud moment for the greatest country on earth! (Unfortunately, in my view, his presidency has been all downhill from there.)

The whole election, I couldn’t give a damn about Obama being black, except for that proud emotion when at the inauguration when it became a reality. So it amazes me and astounds me to be called a racist on a daily basis by the people on Twitter who think the only reason a person could ever disagree with Obama is from hatred towards the black guy. Truth is, I disagree with Barack Obama for the exact same reasons I think the election of a President John Kerry or a President Al Gore would have been a disaster as well.

Obama’s skin color doesn’t even make a top-ten list of things I notice about him as he reads off his teleprompter. To paraphase MLK, I judge this man by the content of his words and not the color of his skin. I’ll never understand liberals and their non-stop obsession with race. A perfect example was when Herman Cain became the GOP front runner for the presidential nomination, even that was attempted to be explained away by race-obsessed liberal lunatics like Janeane Garofalo as yet another example of GOP racism. WTF?

When you see people like Chris Matthews who TWO YEARS IN to Barack Obama’s presidency actually admitting with amazement on air that he listened to a Obama speak for an entire hour and never once thought of his being black. Are you kidding me? You sat and watched Obama speak for an entire hour and didn’t think of him being black and you’re amazed by this and you even admit it on the air?

I wonder what it sounds like inside the head of Chris Matthews during a Barack Obama speech? “Oh my God, he’s black! He’s a black man! He’s not the deepest darkest African black and maybe the palms of his hands are almost white, but every other inch of his skin is at least as dark as that cafe mocha I ordered at Starbucks this morning! Look at him, he’s just so . . . he’s so BLACK!”

By and large, the left is obsessed with race and the right just doesn’t give a damn. The right believes in a meritocracy just as sure as the owner of a baseball team is looking for the center fielder who’s going to bring the most to his team and couldn’t give a damn about his skin color.

You know what really gets me though, is all this PBO shit.

I know it’s been a long time coming baby, but can we please stop feeling compelled to add the title “president” every time you tweet his initials? It’s kind of pathetic. Are you afraid that dropping the “P” would give people the impression you were tweeting about “BO” as in what happens to dirty people who don’t shower or use deodorant? Are you afraid people will become confused you maybe be talking of Bo, the dog? You know, the dog Obama spared from the dinner menu and who Obama narcissisticly named after his own initials?

Seriously, when Bill Clinton was president, did anyone feel compelled to call him PBC?

Or how about the guy who Obama’s vying with now for the title of most inept president ever, did anyone resort to calling Jimmy Carter PJC?

The whole PBO thing smacks of insecurity to me. The man’s president. We all know that. His initials are BHO, Barack Hussein Obama. What, you have a problem with his middle name or something?

For the presidents who earned the right to be known by their initials alone, they were known as JFK, LBJ and FDR. No one ever called them PJFK or PLBJ, PFDR . . . these men made their marks on history in a way that’s undeniable, and all you had to do was speak their three initials and everyone knew exactly who you were talking about. Heck, JFK’s brother Bobby didn’t even become president and everyone knows who you’re talking about when you say RFK. No one tried to tack on an “S” for Senator in front of it and call the man SRK.

Did you ever hear someone tack on an extra “R” to KFC to make it clear they wanted to go to the Kentucy Fried Chicken Restaurant? There’s even a couple sandwichics, the PBJ and the BLT both of which which need nothing more than three initials to be understood. No one calls it a BLTS to emphasize the fact that you’re ordering a sandwich, so why all this compulsion for Obama-lovers to emphasize the obvious that Barack Hussein Obama is president by calling him PBO?

Just stop it with the PBO. His name is not PBO. His initials are BHO.

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19 Responses to What the Hell Is a PBO?

  • Since when are nicknames, even those via acronym, not allowed to take a life of their own?? And why does it smack I’d insecurity? Did he come up with it? I would say that it takes someone that is secure with himself to be the first Presisent to support gay marriage. PBO and VPJB in 2012!

    • I never suggested BHO put this out there, as I stated, this is about Obama lovers feeling compelled to add the “P” for president every time they mention his name, and yes, it does smack of insecurity.

      • So all of his supporters that use this nickname are insecure?

      • President Bush is still called President Bush. President Clinton is still called President Clinton, it’s not a title you lose after you lose, it’s one you’ve earned, and one that follows you around like Dr. In formal settings, you always refer to a Dr. as a Dr., same w/ the President… Any President….

        • It’s just the compulsion to tack the “P” on to Barack Obama that cracks me up. We have GWB, we have JFK, we have FDR, we have LBJ, but I’ve never heard a single one of them called PGWB or PJFK or PFDR or PLBJ, or even PBC or PJC or someone try to call Harry S. Truman, PHST. It’s just weird and a little pathetic is all.

      • You know what’s insecure, still calling Palin “Governor” when she couldn’t make through 1/2 the term. Just sayin

        • Abe Lincoln didn’t make it through his second term and everyone calls him President Lincoln.

          • Well, you must be an idiot, comparing an assassination to a ditz that wasn’t up for the job.

    • Oh! its president barack obama…sheesh do I feel dumb…I thought it was a black thing-really wasnt sure what was being said!

      And the Gay Marriage thing- that is just a clever position 4 the POTUS incumbent to take at this time…Romney has been 100percent gay agenda supportive- right up to the middle of this primary- and has just backed off of it to gain conservative support he will need in the General Election. By taking the opposite position Barack is EMPHASIZing Romneys historical position, and FORCing him to reenforce his opposition- or revert to his natural position- Barack wisely recognizes the issue makes him look good and strong to his base and is a lose-lose for Romney…

      the fact that he states it ONLY as a personal opinion demonstrates severely that it is just election rhetoric- GAYS themselves shouldnt get their hopes up as this is FAR short of the campaign promise that ‘ending dont ask dont tell’ was

      • I like the part about Ellen DeGenerous and Neil Patrick Harris gushing about Obama’s courageousness when all he’s done is said, hey, I support the states deciding their own fates, WHICH IS EXACTLY AS IT’S BEEN SINCE THE FIRST INITIATIVE WENT ON THE BALLOT! Oh how courageous, Mr. President!

        You know what would be really courageous is for him to come out against the 38 states that oppose, now that would earn me a modicum of respect for this pandering clown.

        Enjoy that convention in North Carolina, BHO!

  • Of not I’d. Sorry, using my phone.

  • President not Presisent. Damn that’s enough.

  • I thought it was like a PBJ with free jelly

    • I’m pretty sure the bread and peanut butter are also free. Food stamp heaven, baby. Food stamp heaven.

  • All i know is he has gotta go. I cant afford 4 more

  • This compulsion to add the “P” is for president in front of Barack Obama’s initials, I’m sure you could find more than a few reasons for it, but yes, I think insecurity is one of them.

  • I like that my comment was removed for 3 dislikes. Keep on keeping on Mike with your thing dude.

    • That was not on me, that was an automatic function of the post rating plug in. Don’t you ever doubt it, there’s no one I love hearing from at the blog than you, Double-B.

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