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- Carlyle, Scottish Author and Philosopher (1795-1881)

Cumulative Donations
Unions vs. Koch Industries from 1989-2012 


American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees $47,869,048
Service Employees International Union $38,819,196
National Education Association $38,284,919
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers $34,928,253
American Federation of Teachers $32,850,516
Teamsters Union $32,657,878
Laborers Union $32,629,200
Carpenters & Joiners Union $31,622,758
Communications Workers of America $31,271,197
United Food & Commercial Workers Union $27,981,755
United Auto Workers $27,926,225
Machinists & Aerospace Workers Union $27,379,727
National Association of Letter Carriers $22,699,084
AFL-CIO $22,263,800
Sheet Metal Workers Union $19,737,520
International Association of Fire Fighters $19,154,293
Plumbers & Pipefitters Union $19,010,856
Operating Engineers Union $18,232,474
Airline Pilots Association $17,281,597
United Transportation Union $15,263,410
United Steelworkers $15,123,146
Ironworkers Union $15,074,374
American Postal Workers Union $14,046,823
Total $602,108,049


The Koch Brothers

Koch Industries Total $12,687,199


source: opensecrets.org



For all the liberals crying about how the money of the Koch Brothers is “buying American Democracy,” that kind of puts it in perspective, doesn’t it?

And as far as I know, in every single one of those unions, the union dues are mandatory and in most of those industries, there is no alternative but to work for the union. You either resign yourself to having to pay those mandatory union dues or you have to abandon that line of work completely.

Now here’s the great injustice in the mandatory union dues and the $600 million the unions have poured into our elections over the last 23 years: in the last presidential election, 40% of those union members voted for John McCain in 2008, but nearly 100% of their mandatory union dues went to support liberal causes and Democrat candidates.

How can anyone think that’s a fair system?

Sure, for the Democrats and the 21% of Americans who describe themselves as liberals, they will find a way to contort themselves and bend over backward to try to justify this system, but for the majority of Americans who can look at it plainly and clearly, the fact that unions have the power to siphon money from their members’ paychecks into causes and candidates they do not support is reprehensible and morally wrong.


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14 Responses to Who’s Really Buying American Democracy?

  • The Dems have cornered the market on funding their supporters with our tax dollars. Unions, Planned Parenthood, AARP, ACLU, NPR, etc., etc. All these groups are liberal groups funded with our tax dollars. NO group that supports ANYTHING political should get one dime from our tax dollars. We’re funding our own destruction.

  • Just thought of a good bullet point. The Koch brothers give 1/50th the money to Republican causes that the unions give to Democrats.

    • Good bullet point. You could even add the Koch brothers give 1/50th the money and liberals cry about their “undue influence” about 50 times as much.

  • Who is represented by the Unions vs the Koch Bros., et. al. Very weak argument if you’re making a play for the middle class.

    • Who is represented by the Unions?

      How about the 40% of union members who voted for McCain who have their earnings forcibly taken from their paychecks to fund causes and candidates they do not support?

  • I still wish they weren’t allowed to give to anything political. They all need to stay out of it imho. So many things are simply insane about how the whole political machine works.

  • PTSAUSTIN…..Just what in the H*ll were you trying to say. That the Unions are trying to represent what? Or that Koch Industries is trying to make a play for the middle class. Your statement makes no sense whatsoever. One might get the impression that there are no thought processes in your mind. If you look at the statistics of the argument of who is really buying democracy, over 600 million versus over 12 million, then there is no contest. The LARGER number wins out. I do hope that this is a big help to you.

  • Unions have not done a thing for the working class for the last fifty years. What they have done is drive manufacturing and individual initiative into the ground or out of this country.

  • Doeas the information you source help explain that during the past 40 years the top 1/10th of 1% have seen their earnings rise while the remainder have stayed flat?

    • Other countries would kill to have an upper class to spend as much in their economies as the one-percenters do. In the United States, 1% of Amerians pay 38% of our taxes. The top 10% pays 70% of our taxes.


      What would you deem fair? The top ten percent pay 80%? 90%?

      What the idiots of OWS don’t understand as they’re texting and tweeting from the iPhones while sipping on their Starbucks and using the bathrooms at McDonalds, it’s those corporations that make America the most prosperous nation on earth.

      You want to play class warfare and scapegoat all the evil rich people as the demons, just watch them renounce their citizenship and take their talents and know how elsewhere, like the rich people of France are doing with the election of their own socialist president.


      Get rid of all those evil, greedy upper ten-percenters and then see what kind of country we’d be left with.

  • Look up the “Beck vs Telecommunications Workers of America@.
    The Clinton DOJ switched sides after Beck Leo winning.
    Beck didn’t want his mandatory dyes in a closed shop
    State to support Democratic pigs. The liberal bastards
    and Clinturd screwed him. Read it. Thus country is very
    far gone.

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