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ZoNation: Obama Represented and Won (With Full Transcript)

What’s up, y’all? How’s your butt? You need some ointment? I ain’t got any. This peace is a truck load of I told you so, if you don’t want to hear it, you might want want to tune into something more fluffy like a speech from John Boner.

[Off camera, “It’s pronounced, ‘Bay-ner’, Zo.”]

It’s spelled Boehner!

[Cue intro montage.]

Okay, to those who are wondering why Obama won, I’m going to tell y’all the same thing you ignored when he won the last time – he’s a Hollywood-marketed representative of the liberal idea when they downplayed Romney for being a salesman.

Keep in mind, y’all, it wasn’t really about Obama being a leader, it’s about what he represented to his base and I get sick of Republicans talking about us needing real leadership. I don’t need a politician to lead me. I need representation in office to keep our freedom in check so we can remain free to lead our own persuits.

Anyway, liberals are very excited about their head representative. Democrats have their guy. The liberal culture has long cultivated this figure and has been ready to plant him into power. Can Republicans say that about the guy we ran? No!

Republicans can’t even get excited on what conservatism is, let alone run one to be excited about. Democrats were brain-flippin’ excited about their authentically liberal candidate. So much so that even after four years of failure, there was still enough of that excitement left over to get him elected for another term.

I told y’all, it’s not the nominee who will run against Obama, it’s the culture we’re up against. It doesn’t matter who you would have run. Romney ground and pounded Obama’s brain in the first debate to make a lasting impression. If Gingrich was the nominee, I would have probably offer to donate blood to Obama after Newt Gingrich got finished with him. But a victorious debate would not have secured the presidency for Gingrich either.

I told you this during the primaries, not Rick Santorum, not Rick Perry and not Ron Paul, none of these figures, including Romney, is not who it took to win against Obama and his supporters. Obama represents the liberal culture. It’s them we have to beat.

We all understand that Obama was elected because he’s black, right? But I told y’all years ago the significance of that back in the day. Many of y’all think that it was based mostly on white guilt. That’s superficial. The strategy of the Democrats was to elect Obama and filter their Socialist agenda through him, and if you challenge him on it, you will be seen as a racist and the more you challenge him, the more public opinion will raised be against you.

It was an obvious strategy the moment I heard he was running.

I told you that back in the day, and what was your answer in 2008? To run the oldest, doughyist Republican runner who’s not even really a conservative to run against this tall, elegant and charasmatic black man.

What? Y’all didn’t think Alan Keyes would have made a better president than Obama?

And I don’t think Republicans passed over Alan Keyes because they’re racist but because too many are really naive and do not really respect what conservatism is.

Jump to 2012, y’all – we end up running the guy who stepped aside for McCain to run. Now, here’s the part where those who stuck around to hear me say I told you so can really roll your eyes when I say, you should have ran Cain.

Oh, I’m sorry for bring up the past, but as the saying goes, those who don’t know history are doomed to have it sneak up behind them and beat ’em in the butt with a nine-iron.

If race is such a driving factor with the Democrats, if we agree that the reason that Democrats wanted Barack Obama is because he’s black, which we all see is the case, don’t you think it might have been good idea to run Herman Cain to blow a hole in their strategy? Not for the sake of saying, “Hey look, here’s our black guy against your black guy,” but I remind you it’s because the Democrats would have shown their true racist colors in a very hard to deny display – colors that haven’t been more vivid since Tom Wolfe introduced Electric Kool-Aid.

When all those racist attacks would have mounted against Herman Cain, all Republicans would have had to do was point them out, substantiating the case that all the institutionalized racism that Americans have been so angry about from slavery to the KKK to Jim Crow, etc., has been Democrats

It would have opened the door for you to relate to them with conservative values. As many of y’all know, many Blacks and Hispanics tend to have more conservative values but they’re not going to side with you because they don’t want to be associated with a party who’s perceived as racist white Republicans.

You have to take that stigma off you and put it back on the real party of institutionalised racism. You’re not going to win them all over, but you better believe that it would have been enough to tip it in Cain’s favor to win us a conservative Republican president. That is the effect on the culture that was much needed.

Am I wrong? Liberals are always making race an issue, right? That’s their big gun, right? Yet when you have the opportunity to destroy their Death Star, instead of sending in Lando Calrissian, you send in C3PO. Oh, and in case you forgot Lando Calrissian is the one who destroyed the Death Star.

You let liberals steal your weapons, you let them take out Herman Cain.

Now don’t get me wrong, I defended Cain. But I draw the line on him having this relationship of thirteen years that involved him giving some woman money without his wife knowing about it.

[motions tisk, tisk, tisk, tisk, tisk with fingers]

But I ain’t trying to let the “do it if it feels good” liberals pass judgement on Herman Cain and let them push me into giving up on the only candidate, I repeat, the ONLY candidate that could have caused the culture shock to short circuit Obama’s reelection.

What’s wrong? Herman Cain wasn’t sophisticated enough for y’all? I hear a lot of Republicans talk all the time about wanting them a down-to-earth, good old fashioned common sense conservative and yet when one shows up and doesn’t sound like policy poindexter, you throw him under the bus.

Oh, Herman Cain wasn’t worthy because he hasn’t held public office? Oh, is that what you want, Republicans? Somebody who’s experienced at being a double-talking politician?

Don’t even give me some crap about, they should have some public office experience. Sarah Palin was a mayor, a high-rated Governor and a succesful businesswoman and y’all looked for every excuse to throw her under the bus.

Nothing makes you people happy, and you end up with a candidate that is a dull representative of so-called conservatism to go up against a Democrat candidate who is a glowing representative of liberalism to his base.

Y’all, this isn’t about me crying over spilled milk. I’m trying to remind y’all that politics is downstream of the culture and by running John McCain and then Mitt Romney against Obama shows that y’all either don’t get that, or you just refuse to.

I’m Alphozo Rachel with ZoNation and I look forward to 2016 when the GOP really learns their lesson and shows that they’re really ready to fight when they dig up Captain Kangaroo to run against Jay-Z.

[end of transcript]

Herman Cain was my guy, I was more fired up about him and his prospects than any of the Republicans in the campaign. I was ecstatic when he was leading in the polls and ready to root him all the way to the nomination and the White House. Then came the lynch mob that the media formed as they went out to destroy a good black man who just so happened to be *gasp* a conservative.

It was amazing how the lynching of Cain came from the same media who gave Obama a pass at every turn, from the fact that Obama launched his career in the living room of avowed terrorist Bill Ayers, to his sleazy Chicago land deals with slumlord and convicted felon Tony Rezko to revelations that he spent 20 years in the congregation of Reverend Wright, listing to and admiring his hateful preaching of black liberation theology. It was only after there were over a million views of Wright’s sermons on YouTube that the media finally, begrudgingly reported it and then did the best they could to quickly sweep it under the rug and move on.

The double-standard the media showed between its treatment of Obama and Cain was disgusting. It was witnessing the death of journalism right before our eyes.

Republican primary voters did show they were full ready to have Herman Cain represent the party, he was the front runner for a month, way up ahead in the primaries until the media went on all-out to destroy Cain, running more stories on Cain’s promiscuity problem in six days than the all the stories they ran on Ayers, Resko and Wright COMBINED during the entire 2008 campaign.

So Republicans got a weak stomach and figured, though they loved Cain, they didn’t feel he could ever get a fair shot at beating Obama were he nominated. Listening to Zo, now I wish we would have stuck with Herman Cain and said to hell with you, Obama State Media. We’ll nominate Cain regardless and let the rest of America decide between Cain and Obama.

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3 Responses to ZoNation: Obama Represented and Won (With Full Transcript)

  • None so blind as those who refuse to SEE !!!!

  • Zo makes the most sense. Loved Herman Cain, my first choice, sick when he stepped out of the race.

    • Other than Romney losing, Cain having to step down after the MSM lynching was the worst part of this election for me, too. I was all aboard on that Cain Train. I still get an email or two a month from the Cain team, but I’m pretty sure and wouldn’t blame him if he’s done with running for the White House.

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